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At Narah, we specialise in three areas: soft furnishings, interior styling and interior designing. Together, these key areas help bring to life a home that is perfectly crafted for you.

We believe soft furnishings can transform a place with their delicate or even bold patterns and colours. Our cushion covers, table and bed linen, quilts, accessories like tote bags, pouches, etc. are carefully designed so that they cater to any mood or occasion! 

We have Narah’s range of soft furnishings as well as customizable items that can be made exclusively. With interior styling, we aim to give your space a subtle lift that will highlight certain aspects in your home, whether it be curtains or upholstery designing that includes fillers and base cushions.

If a full-fledged home makeover is what you’re looking for, you’re at the right place! With interior designing we will design your home to fit your vision. This will include designing basic frames, furniture - as well as sourcing materials for the furniture - painting, lighting, flooring, and even plumbing!      

In keeping with our vision to empower and support women, our soft furnishings are hand crafted by home-grown women embroiders and tailors, giving them the opportunity to be independent. We are always on the look out to working and training women in tailoring and embroidery!

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